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I am a researcher in theoretical physics, and my resarch areas are gravitational theory, particle cosmology, and astrophysics. For details of my academic experience, please check Profile.

Research Interest

My main research interests focus on the theoretical investigation of the modified gravity. Modified gravity is extention or generalization of the general relativity, and many theoreis of modified gravity have been proposed and investigated so far.

I am interested in the applications of modified gravity from broader points of view; not only cosmology but also particle physics or astrophysics. I am studying the theoretical predictions in the modified gravity, which enable us to distinguish the gravitational theories with the existing and forthcoming observations and experiments.

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You can search my publications on arXiv, INSPIRE-HEP, or Google Scholar

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Current Affiliation


taishi_at_ccnu.edu.cn (please replace _at_ by @)


July 26, 2017
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October 27, 2023
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